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The Division 2 "Warlords of New York" Expansion Is Out Early - GameSpot

The Division 2 was set to get its new Warlords of New York expansion this week, starting on Tuesday, March 3. But it appears Ubisoft pushed the go-button early, setting the expansion live already. You can jump in and start exploring the new area of Manhattan now.

The expansion costs $30, and adds a completely new area of New York City that had previously gone unexplored in the first game. It does touch on some of the old game's factions, though, and sets the stage for the year ahead in the ongoing story. Aside from the new story content, it also adds a revised gear and power growth system, and raises the level cap to 40. That will give you plenty to do in the Washington DC setting as well.

Though the new story content takes place after the main campaign story, you can jump into it right away, even if you're a newcomer. In a recent hands-on, we were able to explore Lower Manhattan, including Battery Park, Twin Bridges, Civic Center, and the Financial District.

Right now the base game is still on sale for just $3 for a little longer, which is the cheapest way to buy into the new expansion if you don't already own it. For more details, check out our Division 2 Warlords of New York buying guide.

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