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Valve Index VR Headset Will Get Restocked Ahead Of Half-Life: Alyx's Release Date - GameSpot

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We're mere weeks away from the release of Half-Life: Alyx, and if you haven't picked up a Valve Index VR headset yet, then you have at least one more chance to do so before the game comes out. Valve confirmed to GameSpot that it will restock the Valve Index VR kit this coming Monday, March 9, at 10 AM PT / 1 AM ET. Valve expects the available stock to sell out that day, and any orders fulfilled beyond the initial quantity will be fulfilled in the order they were received--Valve says supplies will increase over the coming months. That means if you're interested, you're going to want to snag the Valve Index as soon as possible.

The Valve Index VR kit costs $999 and comes with the Index headset, controllers, and base stations in addition to a copy of Half-Life: Alyx. This is everything you need to play the new Half-Life game. The restock will include just the Index VR kits, according to Valve--the various components (headsets, controllers, and base stations) won't be available to order separately on Monday.

If you're not interested in the Valve Index or want to spend a little less money on a VR headset, the good news is that Half-Life: Alyx is compatible with a wide variety of headsets. See our best VR headset buying guide for 2020 so you're ready to go when the game releases. And if you want to save even more money, check out the best VR headset deals available right now.

Half-Life: Alyx is currently $54 (down from $60) on Steam. It's the first game in the Half-Life series in 13 years and is set between the first and second games. You play as titular character Alyx Vance, one of the founders of a resistance that fights to liberate the people of Earth from the evil Combine. It's built from the ground up for VR, and yes, you can totally get a Headcrab on your face--thankfully, you can also rip it off and throw it away.

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