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Audi recalls its electric SUV over battery fire risk - TechCrunch

Audi today issued a voluntary recall in the U.S. for the E-Tron SUV due to the risk of battery fire. An Audi spokesperson told Bloomberg that no fires had been reported over the 1,644 E-Trons Audi has sold. According to the recall, Audi found moisture can seep into the battery cell through a wiring harness. There have been five cases worldwide where this has caused a battery fault warning.

The E-Tron is the German car maker’s first mass-produced electric vehicle. The model is just now hitting the market worldwide, and Audi has sold 540 in the U.S.

I drove the E-Tron late last year and found it a confident vehicle. It’s not Tesla fast, but it’s packed with Audi’s creature comforts and has a fun powertrain with plenty of acceleration. However, it has a range of just over 200 miles on a charge, making it far less capable than its chief competitor, the Tesla Model X.

Owners who take Audi up on the recall will be compensated with an $800 cash card and a loaner vehicle while it’s in the shop.

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